The JBL competition Roadster

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It is completely assembled and only requires an engine/transmission setup.

This vehicle can be on the road in a weekend or less.


The below listing describes the components of the above  vehicle:

* Semi-monocoque steel chassis (JBL gray powder coat standard. other colors on request)
* Roadster body unit permanently mounted with all inner panels bonded in place
* all body preparation completed and primered with PPG Epoxy (K-36)
* hood, doors and decklid mounted and fitted
* complete paint with choice of color and stripe. PPG basecoat/clearcoat.
* all latches for doors, hood and decklid installed
* steering column mounted with Leather 13 inch steering wheel
* Tilton pedal assembly installed
* roll bar installed (Single standard, double optional)
* windshield installed
* windshield wiper assembly installed
* all lights installed (tail/brake/turn, headlights)
* all toggle switches, indicator lights and headlight switch installed
* complete interior including seats, side panels, carpets, both floor and trunk
* all steel brake lines and and fuel lines
* Front Brakes Wilwood curved 48 Fin 12.19"X1.38"  rotors with SUPERLIGHT IIA Caliper Assy, 1.75" Pistons
* Rear Brakes Wilwood curved 48 Fin 12.19"X1.25" rotors with Dynalite II Caliper Assy,1.38" Pistons
* Wilwood master cylinders and clutch master cylinder installed and brakes bled
* Fuel system, 22 gallon fuel cell
* Howe racing 4 core aluminum radiator installed
* complete wiring harness installed
* exhaust sidepipes
* all JBL emblems (front and rear emblems)
* 1-set compomotive wheels front 17 x 10 / rear 17 x 12
* 1-set Dunlop tires front 275/40 ZR 17 / rear 335/35 ZR 17


Parts needed to complete vehicle:

* engine, headers, transmission, driveshaft, belts, hoses, battery, and ancillary nuts and bolts  *

Due to the many variations in Dampers, Tires, engine, and fuel system options, Please inquire as to options and costing.


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